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James M.
Swarthmore, PA

For all you contractors out there , I highly recommend this business. I ordered my material they gave me a ticket for the yard guys and they fork lifted it into my truck and I was on my way to the job site all within 15 minutes. No nonsense straight forward service.

Louis B.
Rose Valley, PA

This place is amazing. Like an HGTV of stones, slabs, flagstones, bricks, and almost every conceivable natural covering and mortars. The place hums with activity and the wide range of professional rental equipment comes in and out, as well as the numerous professional and DIY amateurs and the pickup vehicles ambling about picking up building materiel. The quarry yard is huge, at least three acres of an amazing array of different stuff.

We went there to purchase flagstone for our new DIY stoop in front of our home and we were exactly at the right spot. Not only did they have what we wanted but also they had pre-cut pieces that we could assemble like a puzzle to eliminate the use of a wet saw. We picked up approximately 800 lbs of flagstone pieces. Excellent service.

Lauren Mistecka

I love them and will always recommend them to anyone who needs stone

Gregory Stone Creation

Galantino provides great service.

Tiia F.

Great service, friendly people to deal with!

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