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Rental Terms and Conditions

Credit card and drivers license required for all rentals.

What constitutes a Rental Period:

We charge for all time out.

Daily - 24 hours (use of equipment 8 hours maximum on machine)

Weekly - 7 consecutive days (40 hours maximum on machine)

4-weeks - 28 consecutive days (160 hours maximum on machine)

Weekend Special - pick up item or have delivered Friday late PM and return item or have picked up before 8:00 AM Monday the charge is 1-1/2 times the daily rate.

Weekend - pick up item or have delivered Saturday and return item or have picked up before 8:00 AM. Monday the charge is the daily rate.

Customer Responsibility:

Once the rented equipment leaves our premises, you are completely responsible for it until you return it or it is picked up by one of our drivers. During the period between the off rental call to Galantino Equipment Rental LLC by the customer and the actual pick up of the equipment by our driver, you are still responsible. Our insurance does not cover equipment while in your possession. Contact your insurance agent for rented equipment coverage. Report equipment malfunctions to Galantino Equipment Rental LLC immediately, return equipment in clean condition with a full tank of fuel or additional costs will be assessed accordingly, 8% Damage Waiver added to cover accidental damages.


Read rental agreement(s) front and back prior to signing.
Operations manuals for all rental items are available for review. If you are not familiar with proper operation, please ask for assistance. Whenever using any equipment that penetrates the soil call PA One Call prior to digging.

Liquid Levels - Customer shall take care of normal needs of equipment, including checking oil level, cooling system level and battery water level. Customer shall supply and add clean fuel, oil, coolant,
and battery water as required.

Cleaning Charge - Customer agrees to pay a charge for equipment returned in dirty condition.

Tires - The customer will be responsible for all tire damage or flats.

Care of Rental Equipment - Customer agrees to care for the equipment properly, to use it within its rated capacity, to restrict its use to qualified personnel, and to prohibit anyone other than Galantino Equipment Rental LLC authorized personnel to repair the equipment. Customer agrees to pay for all damage to the equipment resulting to improper use, or abuse, of the equipment.

Insurance - It is your responsibility to provide insurance for all liabilities including theft, vandalism, fire and collision. The customer agrees to pay for any damage to, loss of equipment regardless of cause, except reasonable wear and tear (this does not include glass or tires), while equipment is in the possession of the customer.

Excessive wear and tear is not covered under the damage waiver and will be your responsibility.

Glass, Tire and Teeth are never covered under the damage waiver. Flats are your responsibility.

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